3 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

Whether you’re buying existing homes or a house and land packages Victoria, there are certain things you can look for before signing on the dotted line. Here’s how to narrow your search and create a checklist of requirements, all so you can settle on the property that best reflects your ideal lifestyle.


Make a Checklist

Separate your needs from your “nice to haves”. Know which elements you’re willing to compromise on, and which ones are non-negotiable. If you’re looking at a place and have a sudden desire to be flexible, it may be because you’ve found the right one. Just don’t be blinded by love. Instead, keep a level head and objectively assess what you’re seeing against your mental picture of what your new home should look like. This is a big investment, so make sure it does everything you need it to… and then you can allow yourself to be swept up by the spa in the ensuite or the apartment complex’s gym. 


Engage a Buyer’s Agent

A residential buyer’s agent can help select potential properties, which fit within the parameters that you have set. Want a home with a balcony and ample kitchen space? A professional residential buyer’s agent has the contacts and the market knowledge to find those for you. Only spend time on properties you know you’ll want to check out – leave the duds for those going it alone, and find the home that you deserve. 


It’s All About Location

Location is just as important as the property. If you don’t live near the things you need most, why are you living there? Maybe you want to be close to Melbourne’s cultural events. Maybe you want healthcare, shops, cafes, parks, schools and more, all within your own community. This is the benefit of buying off the plan in a master-planned community, such as those from AVID Property Group. You’re connected to all that you need, and don’t have to worry about whether the location is lacking. While these communities are generally built in locations that are already convenient, if an amenity is missing, developers will add it to the community. Your needs are at the forefront, rather than you moving into an established neighbourhood and having to adapt your lifestyle. Location, location, location.


We hope this article has helped you to understand how buyers refine their search, all to find the perfect new home. Don’t be overwhelmed by the options on offer – it just takes a little know-how and a little professional help if you’re really feeling out of your depth! Especially at this time, there are many options to choose from on the market – you’re spoilt for choice! Have fun, stay calm, and keep in mind what’s most important. You will find the right home for yourself and, if you have one, your family. Your dream home is waiting for you to come and find it.