The Best Places to Live in Australia

Australia is well known for having gorgeous beaches, warm temperatures, as well as unique flora and fauna. It offers a rich nightlife, culture, and secluded pieces of land to those who want to live a more peaceful life. Not to mention, the country offers amazing fun and advantages to all of those willing to embark upon them.

At this point, it’s almost needless to mention that living in Australia can be amazing — especially if you move to the right place. So, to help you out, we’ve selected our top three best places to live in Australia.



Melbourne is often seen as the cultural capital of Australia, and offers plenty of impressive museums, in addition to its great nightlife. It’s also one of the most multicultural cities in Australia, as it manages to attract a great number of foreigners who end up staying here for good.

Melbourne is full of young singles, families, as well as retirees who can’t help move away from its rich culture. Additionally, the city offers a rich job market, so it’s popular amongst young people looking to create a better future.

Melbourne’s suburbs, in particular, have seen a great increase in popularity recently. So, many of those seeking a quieter life in a safe area with beautiful nature and scenery have been looking for properties here. Luckily, the prices of land for sale Wyndham Vale, Truganina, and other great suburbs haven’t skyrocketed as much, so these areas are still quite affordable.


Bribie Island

Bribie Island offers miles of clean beaches and clear waters, intertwined into a chill, laid-back culture. Additionally, thanks to the Bribie Island Natural Park, this area is incredibly popular with nature lovers and outdoorsmen. It’s also home to many golfing enthusiasts, who can enjoy the sport with other locals whenever they want to.

Depending on what you’re looking for from your surroundings, some of the best places to live in are Margate Beach, Woorim, and Bongaree. For example, Woorim is one of the best places to go surfing, while Bongaree is a part of the island’s “clam side”. Additionally, Margate Beach offers plenty of safe, amazing fun in the sun, while being low-key, and is rarely crowded. 

Bribie Island still remains slightly off-radar to tourists, so it’s an incredibly peaceful place to live in. Moreover, thanks to the surrounding nature, beaches, and temperature, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all year round.



Hobart is perfect for those who prefer cooler average temperatures, but still want to take advantage of all that Australia has to offer. Hobart offers a great variety of real estate options, ranging from affordable to luxurious, enabling people from various walks of life to live here.

Hobart’s suburbs, Mount Nelson and Sandy Bay are two of the most popular places to live in. Mount Nelson is home to some of Australia’s most extravagant properties, as it’s surrounded by gorgeous views and nature. On the other hand, Sandy Bay is ripe with job possibilities and has many gorgeous beaches, making it popular for middle-class singles and families.


Final Thoughts

You likely won’t go wrong if you choose to settle down in any of these locations, as all of them have something to offer to many different types of people. Hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow your choices down and find the best place for you to live.