What are Waffle Blankets, and Why Do People Love Them?

The waffle blanket is an incredibly popular staple for home decorators and homebodies alike; while they are so absolutely warm and snug, they have the benefit of bringing an understated sophistication to any space. We decided to delve into the hallowed waffle blanket and explain what it is, and what all the fuss is about with this blanket which, writing about is really making me hungry. Let’s break into it.

Why is it called a waffle blanket?

The waffle blanket gets its name from, you guessed it… waffles! While you might think this article is all about waffling on about waffle blankets and waffles in general, you’d be correct. Onto the blankets though: a waffle blanket has the texture of its dessert counterpart, which is designed to regulate body heat. The weave, in particular, does this. The blanket has tiny indented squares, making the blanket incredibly durable. When we spend a third of our lives (according to Harvard Health) in bed and under our blankets, it’s no wonder blankets are the new best friend, especially in the era of COVID when we can’t leave our house and go hang out with our real friends.

What are waffle blankets made of?

Flour, sugar, eggs… okay, we’ll drop this joke now. Waffle blankets are made of cotton, and they’re designed to last. We live in a throwaway culture, and most of us have forgotten what it means to invest in quality products. Look after these products, and they’ll last you a lifetime. Fabric blends often found in blankets will fade, fray and break down. Cotton, however, does not. They are also supremely warm.

If you want to invest in a top-tier quality waffle blanket, some such as Bemboka use the finest, 100% cotton yarns, woven in Portugal. These are stone-washed to offer unrivalled comfort and durability.

So why should I buy a waffle blanket?

The waffle weave feels like a thick blanket and a thin blanket all in once. It’s heavy enough to keep you warm and cosy on cold nights, but breathable enough to still be a comfy and light option in warmer weather. When a blanket is 100% cotton, it is versatile enough to be used in any climate. That’s why we love cotton!

You also won’t have to swap blankets out for winter and summer due to the thick outlines of each square, which retain heat. The thinner part of the square makes it easy for air to circulate. This gives maximum comfort to whoever is lucky enough to be snuggled underneath it. These blankets aren’t flimsy despite keeping us cool. Perfect for everyone.

Waffle blankets are an investment that will stand the test of time. Whether your home is subject to warmer or colder climates, people all over the world love to use waffle blankets. Will you join the raving horde of waffle blanket fans? These blankets are affordable, durable, versatile and oh-so-warm. Buying one feels like a gift to yourself: you deserve it. Bemboka has particularly good, top of the line products.